Friday, March 28, 2014

The Curtis Club in Denver

The Curtis Club is a new dining spot that just recently opened in downtown Denver.    The decor is in keeping with the old west.  The facade is made up of weathered re-claimed lumber.
The theme is continued inside with some Victorian chairs and a sofa upholstered in red,  red and gold antler pattern wallpaper, big chunky wood benches and wide plank wood floors.  The R and B music in the background is a great touch.
The wood tables are highly lacquered and set with a water glass that gives off the illusion that there is water already in it.
The room has an assortment of  ranch motifs with its tractor seat bar stools and wagon wheels set into a few tables.  Behind the bar is a large photo of a serene lake scene.
I had the the Blackened Seabass Sandwich which was delicious.  If you do not like spicy food, have the kitchen hold back on some of the seasoning.  The greens, basil ailoli and roasted pickled tomato were the perfect combination with the seabass inside a yummy Ciabatta roll. The fries that day were good but they could have been a bit more crispier which we have had before.
My husband's favorite is the the Hanger Steak Sandwich served on a Ciabatta roll.    I have heard the Bison Bolognese is excellent.
Next time we will go for dinner and there are several items on the menu that really peak my interest.  To Share: the Rabbit Rillette.  To Continue: Spring Tree Farms Rabbit, Maple Leaf Farm Duck Plate, Summit Creek lamb Rack or the Cedar River Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin. And the prices are certainly reasonable.  I hope the room will not be too crowded, with all the hard surfaces, it can be pretty noisy.  There are a few tables outside, so that would be a good option once the weather warms up a bit.

The Curtis Club
2100 Curtis St.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You just have to love these Cowboy Shirts!

I am amazed by all the wonderful cowboy shirts I see around Mexico, especially in the market in San Miguel de Allende.  This handsome caballero was very proud to show off his colorful shirt.

Love the Alacran (scorpion) on the back of this man's shirt.

The abstract cross with wings at the top was pretty cool.  But then again, I like red with the touch of the yellow belt and the blue jeans.
Same design but a bit more literal.  Good thing is has a long shirttail!

Monday, March 3, 2014

MUFI- The Stamp Museum in Oaxaca

MUFI - the Philatelic Museum, the only museum of its kind in the entire Latin America.  
In 1840, it was the English postal service that created the first stamp.  And with that, stamp collecting was born.  
But it was not until 1856 when Mexico issued its first stamp, the blue Hidalgo for half a real.
As you enter the MUFI, there is a large map of the world with a trail from different countries to the stamps on display.  I was intrigued by the hot air balloon stamps for the Cook Islands
And this stamp of Lucy hugging the lion, Aslon, from the movie Narnia.
The interior is very serene with four courtyards.
The blooming bougainvillea was simply magnificent against the blue sky.
One of the courtyards had table and chairs in it where we sat and wrote a few postcards to friends back in the states.  The adobe walls had a series of contemporary stamps that had been enlarged on display. 
I love the simple graphics of this street scene.
And the Calaca (skeleton) with his guitar.
And these cars are just great.
There is a workshop, mostly used for children programs.  The picture of the large white seagull in flight was created by only using stamps!
On my last visit to the museum, there was an exhibition on baseball stamps.
This baseball park had billboards lining the stadium all featuring baseball stamps.
What a great stamp, so simple but so "all baseball".  
Like the Museum of Contemporary Art, I can hardly wait to see what the next exhibition will be.

The gift shop is also a little gem.  I bought some great stamps, a book and few other gift items.

Museo de Filatelia
Calle Reforma 504
Open Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm