Monday, April 1, 2019

Some amusing photos that I have shot over the years in San Miguel de Allende and a few other towns near by

Being April Fool's Day, I thought I would post some funny and amusing photos that I have shot over the years in San Miguel de Allende and a few other towns in Mexico.
In the main square, the jardin, this cute boy was having fun poising as one of the super heroes!
Sweet gal in a butcher shop in Santa Clara de Cobre in the state of Michocan.  How appropriate, I took this when the swine flu had just raised it ugly head.
I am fascinated by pig's heads when I see them in the market in Mexico and Spain.  Don't ask me why, I just am.
Great tile that I spotted on one of the streets warning you of the dog, Caution!!
Do you think the cat is waiting for lunch?
No translation needed.  Great graphic.
Patiently waiting to be let back in from an outing around town.
How more relaxed can one be!
A dogs day afternoon.
I have walked past this door jam so many times.  It cracks me up every time.
The cloud could not have been in a better place...
Up at the Tiangis, the Tuesday market.  Again, I am fascinated with the piles of chicken feet.
Great selection of bras in the market.
Mannequins laid to rest.
I admire those who can wear such high heals and still walk on all the cobblestone streets.  Pretty stylish.
I laughed when I saw this, my electrician would just die.
The phone lines in most of the historic center are under ground.  Apparently not in this neighborhood.
Sitting in the front table at La Petit Four having an espresso and one of their yummy pastries, the garbage truck goes by.  The question, did someone discard an old mattress or is this for when the garbage men get tired and need a rest...
Too bad there were no people in the SUV to complete the photo.
How fun to leave the church in a decorated VW Thing!
And talk about "pimp my ride".  A deer pelt on the one motor cycle's seat.  Only in Mexico.

There is always something around the next corner in San Miguel.  That is why I love to get out and just walk around town or sit in the jardin and watch the world go by.   Never a dull moment.