Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas without Carter

It will be sad not having Carter with us this Christmas but he is always with us in spirit whether it is Christmas or any other day.  Quite a few years ago we were at our home in San Miguel de Allende for Christmas, something we tried to do every year, and Carter had left one suitcase at home back in Scottsdale. And that was the one with all the Christmas presents in it!!  Boy did we give him a bad time about that.  Being the creative guy he was, he drew pictures of all the gifts and then put each picture into a little basket that he had bought in the market.  Recently I ran across the pictures he drew for me and Len and I just had to share them with you.  
A mini Leatherman.  I think the security people at the airport have it now.
I actually had that necklace on the other night.
Along with the pretty scarf.
 Carter certainly got my blue eyes right in all the drawings. 

 I like how Carter has Len holding his toothbrush and razor!
Carter got Len's broad shoulders perfectly (he lifts weights).
 Len looks a little frightened to be just in his socks.  Nice knees.
Carter captured Len's hair doo perfectly too.
Here are my parents and Carter in the jardin, the main square, one Christmas evening.
And Carter and my husband, Len, checking someone out!   We all miss Carter tremendously but his zest for life will always be with us.  
Merry Christmas everyone and treasure every day, every moment and every memory.

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