Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabulous Murals in San Miguel


On March 22 and 23, a group of 33 artists from parts of Mexico (Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, Queetaro, Leon, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and San Luis de La Paz), Chile, Canada, Argentina, Germany and the United States painted some incredible murals in Colonia Guadalupe in San Miguel de Allende.
Muros en Blanco - Blank Walls Organization was formed with the collaboration of the San Miguel de Allende Tourism office to promote art in Colonia Guadalupe and to boost tourism.
The above is a great looking Medusa rowing, part of the huge mural in the next two photos.

Such fabulous colors. The purple is just like the Jacaranda trees that are in full bloom in town.
Truly the heart of the Mexican culture with the sun and corn.

Pretty wild.

Such vibrant colors.

This mural has a lot going on.  The tiger is very reminiscent the clay folk art tigers from Chiapas.  The skeleton riding it with reference to day of the dead with the hip, punky teenager casually sitting on the tigers hind haunches with her I-Pad in hand.
A take on the paper maiche dolls that I just adore.
Beautiful movement and colors.
You can really get an idea on how the blooming Jacaranda trees inspired the artists.
What a wonderful style with the Catrina dressed in traditional dress but at the same time, it feels like one big papel picado.  Beautifully executed.
Great deer!  Reminds me of the Mexican Tourist Ware from the 1930's and 1940's that was made in Tlaquepaque and the burnished ceramics from Tonala.  A deer was often depicted on the large platters and vases.
And this surreal scene is just great.  I think I would call this The Cucaracha (cockroach) Cantina, a bar that has been in San Miguel  for a very long time and doesn't open it doors until at least after ten at night.
Talking about your drinks going to your head.
A technique very much like Van Gough.
A throw back to the 1970's - reminds me of the psychedelic art that you would have found on many of the album covers.

The murals can be found on Calles Carlos de Castillo, Maria Felix, Julian Cardillo and Margarito Ledezma.  I am sure more residents have come forward to offer their homes facade as a new canvas for another talented muralist.  Check them out, they truly are wonderful!

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