Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet Senor Antonio Feliz

On a Sunday morning, I was sitting on a bench in Oaxaca with my friend Esther.  While we were waiting for the shops to open, a man came by with all his straw woven pigs.  You can clearly see that he is the artist that had crafted these beautiful little piggies by his orange hands.  We really had no intention of buying a pig more less two but he was so persistent and he did give us a great price on both.  I ended up buying the small natural colored pig and Esther bought the big orange and pink one. 
We were sitting there admiring our purchases when a lady came up to us with more pigs and purses for sale.  We politely said, "No gracias senora."  She looked at our pigs and asked what we had paid for them.  A smart move on our part, we told her that we could not remember.  Well.... She said it was probably her husband who had sold us the pigs and that he would have had orange hands.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.  I showed her the photo I had taken of her husband and she immediately replied, "Yes, that is my husband Antonio."  We had a nice conversation and it was then that we decided to name the large pig Senor Antonio Feliz (happy).   
Sitting next to us were some other Mexican ladies waiting to sell their wares to tourist passing by.  I had put my little pig inside Esther's pig.  We struck up a conversation about this and that.  I then told them that Senor Antonio Feliz had a big problem.  They inquired, "What?"  I told them that the senor was pregnant, I lifted his back flap and took out the little one.  They just roared with laughter. 
It's those little moments like that that make traveling around Mexico so special.
Back at the hotel, I decorated a table with Senor Antonio Feliz and his little buddy.  My group and I indulged in margaritas and spicy peanuts while we listened (and some danced) to a wonderful duo that I had hired for the evening. 
Here I am with one of the singers.  Can you believe this handsome guy is only 14 years old but boy could he sing.What a great day with great memories.

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