Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fifth Annual Mermaid & Margarita Party

I spent two days getting ready for the fifth annual Mermaids and Margarita party.  It is so convenient to have Trader Joe's just down the street to pop in and pick up some fresh flowers.
And it is not a Mermaid party unless I have my guacamole.  The trick to my recipe is to roast the jalapenos and the garlic.  And I am a nut about appetizer plates.  I have a whole cabinet full of them and I still love to collect unusual ones.  These pewter plates came from San Miguel de Allende ages ago.
Beth, Melinda and Lynn starting in on their first margarita.
A few days ago, I made my Roasted Spanish Peanuts, Oaxacan style.
Barbara, Siliva and Mari.  Not much guacamole left.
Another favorite is my watermelon, tomato bites.  I am in the process of writing an appetizer cookbook and the guacamole, peanuts and the watermelon bites are in the book.  Each recipe will have a photo which I have been diligently shooting over the years.  My husband asked me one evening, "Are you going to photograph everything we eat?"  I certainly am glad that I have because it would be a huge chore to start from scratch.
Karen, Nina and Mary polishing off the watermelon squares.
Ann saying Cheers!
 Pam, Jennifer and Peggy waiting for the main course to come out.
 I changed up the menu this year.  And this entree, Roasted Shrimp-Stuffed Poblano Peppers was a huge hit!  Recipe to follow on my next post.  It's a definite winner and going in my next cookbook.
Even after the dishes had been cleared, Lynn could not get enough of the mixed baby greens with mango salad that was dressed with a cilantro and shallot vinaigrette.
And for dessert, my Flan (I posted this recipe on 4/9/2014).
Beth hamming it up.  Do you think it might have anything to do with the margaritas...
All day I had been watching the weather report,  30% percent chance of rain, then 40% chance of rain in the evening.  Well it did rain. Big drops for about five minutes about fifteen minutes before everyone arrived.  The early evening lighting was spectacular, especially looking up into my huge Catalpa tree.  It turned out to be a perfect evening in every sense!

Viva Las Serinas!

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  1. Where can I find the recipe for the stuffed poblanos? I am searching google and found your site. Yours look amazing! I, too, am American and live in Mexico (Ixtapa) and I am looking to learn to cook "mexican."