Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Murals in Downtown Denver

As I mentioned in my last post, Denver has incredible art.  You just have to be adventuresome to discover some of the murals, especially in LoDo.  Drive down some alleys.  That is exactly what we did the other day after lunch.
I was amazed on the number of murals and the talent!  Unfortunately I do not know anything about the artist.
We zig-zaged back and forth on Larimar Street and Lawrence Street and kept heading north.
Being in the alleys, sometimes it is hard to really get a good perspective of the art.
Love the colors.

Looks like a Chinese kite to me.
The next few murals were in a parking lot.

Great composition.

The art pretty much says it all.

Since I shot these photos,  I am sure there are even  more to be found!  Enjoy.

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