Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Magic of the Maya World - An opportunity to visit a forgotten corner of the world few people will ever see!

Early this past spring I explored and researched a glorious green pocket of old, old Mexico in the southern state of Chiapas.  I experienced its ancient monuments and temples, visited with its warm and friendly people and saw firsthand the incredible work these artisans create.  And I decided I must share this travel opportunity with a small, select group of friends.  
The Magic of the Maya World journey is set for February 24 - March 3, 2017.   You'll be gone 8 days which includes travel.  Below are just some of the highlights of our trip!
We'll spend two nights in San Cristobal de Las Casa which was founded in 1528 and is full of historic churches and museums.  There is a large artisan market by the Santo Domingo church

Chiapas is known for its textiles; huipiles, rebozas, blankets, purses, table runners...  You will find the creative pottery from Amantenangl del Valle.  The area is renown for its amber.
Calle de Guadalupe in the historic center of San Cristobal de Las Casas is a pedestrian street lined with quaint restaurants, galleries and shops.
While in San Cristobal de Las Casas, we will be staying at the Hotel Diego de Marariegos, just one block from Calle de Guadalupe.
The first morning we will visit one of Chiapa's most impressive natural wonders when we  take a boat trip up the Grijalva River where it winds through the Canon de Sumidero whose limestone walls reach a kilometer high in some places.  A haven for all kinds of birds and Spider monkeys.
A side trip from San Cristobal de Las Casas will take us to the colorful Sunday market in the Highland's village of Zinacantan.
Each Chiapas highland village has their own unique attire, either woven or embroidered.  The embroidered shawls worn by the women of Zinacantan were just exquisite.  (See my post dated February 26, 2016 for more photos and information about Zinacantan).
On the way to Palenque, we will make a stop in Tonina, an impressive hillside Maya ruin, the beautiful 30-meter Misol-Ha waterfall and the picturesque Agua Azul that was described by a  Chiapan poet, Elva Macias, as "a peacock dragging its watery tail."
The Palenque ruins are the crown jewel of the archaeological sites not only in Chiapas but in the entire Maya empire.   
There is a sense of sophistication about Palenque.  The site also boasts a fabulous musuem.
Two nights will be spent at the Chan-Kah Resort.  Set in a manicured jungle setting, you will have your own casita while enjoying the huge main pool and the open-air restaurant with a wonderful view.
Part of the fun getting to the ruins of Yaxchilan is the smooth, the 45-minute boat ride down the Usumacinta River which divides Mexico and Guatemala.  The scenery is magnificent and you may spot a Howler monkey up in a riverside tree.
Yaxchilan, an ancient city overlooking the Osumacinta River, has a magical feel to it.  The setting was just enchanting, as were the ruins.
Bonampak is a modest archeological sight in comparison to the others, but it has some of the best Maya murals ever discovered.   The brightly colored frescoes are amazing.  One shows a fierce jungle battle scene where another shows the crowning of a boy king.

I could go on and on about the wonderful adventures in this unique part of Mexico.  Soon I will have a detailed itinerary along with pricing.  Please let me know if I may add your name to our small group for this unique adventure.



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