Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day - Some cards from the past

 Going through some old photos, etc, I came across some old Valentine cards from the late 1950's.  They are priceless, especially the corny verses.

There are several pages within this card with the cat making different faces and with each face the verbiage reads, "Love ya scrappy, Love ya tearful, La ya happy, Love ya Mopey, Love ya gay (totally different meaning back then), Love ya, Sister, Any way!"  signed "Carter."  Looks like this cost 25 cents back then.

Inside it reads, "Who's sweeter than sugar And very nice, too?  Who's somebody special? Who is it? It's you!!" 
This card came from a box of many different designs.  Those were the kind we gave fellow kids at school and dropped them into cereal boxes that we had decorated.
 "Just think how purrfect It would be If we were Valentines - -  You and me!  (A big 10 cents)
 "You're like a Valentine yourself, So sweet in all you do, It's any wonder, Dear, That everyone loves you!  This card was from "Grandpa + Grandma Mullen".
Inside the card reads, "Cathy's getting ready to come and visit you.  She's bringing you a Valentine with love and wishes too! But Cathy can't make up her mind which skirt to wear today, And she's bringing several so that you can choose, OK?"  (there were cut out skirts to put on Cathy).  From "Grandma + Grandpa Hedean".

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

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