Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ramon Casas, another great artist in Barcelona

Ramon Casas was a successful painter in Barcelona engaged heavily into graphic design.  He adopted Art Noveau into his designs that eventually helped mold the modernism  movement.
The above "Un Tandem - 1897" is a self-portrait of Ramon smoking a pipe along with his fellow painter, Pere Romeu.
Ramon Casas & Pere Romeu en un Automobil - 1901

Casas was partners with Romeau in Els Quatre Gats (The Four Cats), a bar modeled after Le Chat Noir in Paris.  As I wrote on 1/16/2012, painter and sculptor Julio Gonzales along with Pablo Picasso were also part of the artistic scene at Els Quatre Gats.  It had to be a very interesting time in Barcelona in the late 1800's.
Due to debts, Els Quatre Gats closed it doors in 1903.  It re-opened its doors when a restaurant group bought the building in 1989.  Today it is a very popular place with great Catalan fare.

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