Friday, May 18, 2012

Marseille, Great signage around town

As I have written before, I love great signage, type faces and it is a real treat to see something well done.  Not too lone ago I was in Marseille and some of the signs painted on the buildings were spectacular.
A throw back to Marseille being a town known for its fisherman.
A pretty little plaza.
We stumbled upon this little boutique by accident.  Place Aux Huiles is a charming little store selling regional products from olive oils, soaps, baskets, herbs...  The owner is a delightful young women from Canada that had married a Frenchman.  She gave us some suggestions on what were some of the highlights of Marseille.   
One thing I could not resist buying was the metal round tray advertising La Cacole beer.  I think Len liked the picture of the rather well endowed woman. Back in Denver, I have used it often and I love the fact that the tray has a rather sticky surface on it so your glasses do not slide (and the fact that it is blue and yellow).  It is such a great "souvenir" that reminds me of such a great trip and the creative signage around Marseille.
By the way, Place Aux Huiles is at 2 Place Daviel.

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