Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonderful Tile Plaques in San Miguel

OK, I know, another post on signs but I just love the tile plaques around San Miguel and I thought you would too.  I adore the simplicity of the angel above with the little bells hanging from the green leaves.
La Colmena (beehive) has seen better days but I think the aged look adds to its charm.
La Posadita with the vegetables on the plaque really represents all the fresh ingredients the chef uses in his dishes.  This is one of my favorite places to dine and it has one of the best views in town.  I often take my groups here for comida (lunch in Spanish) and a few margaritas.  Located on Cuna de Allende, only a half a block from the jardin (the main square).
You can find this on Calle San Francisco.  It is painted by a friend of mine, Renato Rivera, who has done numerous painted boxes and paintings for me and my clients.  Its a typical scene in San Miguel with the blooming bouganvilla and jacaranda tree, the colorful facade and the Parroquia Church in the background.
The rooster on the Jesus No 30 just makes me smile.
I like the type face on this plaque with the little curly cues on some of the letters.   I have barely touched on some of the tile plaques around town.  
I love when I stumble upon new ones.  Always an adventure and one I never tire from.

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