Thursday, September 13, 2012

A weekend in Crested Butte

Labor day weekend Len and I and good friends, Judy and Denny, drove down to Crested Butte.  We had a savory picnic before we reached the Cottonwood Pass's summit.  An elevation of 12,126 feet, it was an invigorating change of temperatures from what we have been experiencing in Denver.  Standing on the Continental Divide, we had San Isabel National Forest on the Atlantic Ocean side and Gunnison National Forest on the Pacific Ocean side.  What a view!
On the other side of the pass we drove along Taylor Reservoir.  Such beautiful colors with the black and brown cows amongst the sage colored bushes. Truly cattle country.
Here's Mount Crested Butte.
One day we headed north and drove past Gothic up into the mountains.  The field of red was breathtaking.
The Aspen were just starting to turn their colors.  I am sure they are at their peak right now.
What a great place to escape from the heat in Denver, cell phones (no reception at the cabin) and work and enjoy this beautiful scenery!
Len and I have been coming to The Pioneer Guests Cabins off and on for over 23 years.  In the earlier years my parents would drive up from Scottsdale and join us.  It is a perfect setting.  In a canyon, the Cement Creek runs along side the cabins.  There is a fire pit with comfortable wood lounge chairs around it and a big picnic table behind each cabin
With a full moon, the smell and sound (and warmth) of a crackling fire, steaks on the grill, great company and a glass of wine, what would be better!  We certainly had a perfect weekend.

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