Thursday, September 20, 2012

At the Dickson's Studio in San Miguel de Allende

One morning I stopped in at my friend's gallery and studio for a visit.  Donna was in the middle of one of her water color classes with the most adorable young ladies, Grace and Emma.   Emma was just finishing up on a handsome Rooster that she was painting as a gift.  Every summer they come down to San Miguel with their families and they just love it, especially their painting classes with Donna.
Donna offers workshops that involve water color painting in the studio and plein air painting at different spots around town.  Wherever Donna takes you, the lighting in San Miguel is spectacular.  As a photographer, nothing can beat that morning and late afternoon light!
A view of the studio with many on Tom's (Donna's husband) and Donna's paintings.  Check out my post dated May 7,2010.  I wrote about Tom's paintings and my photography and how we captured the same image using two different mediums.
Just as I was about to leave, in comes a very pleasant lady selling flowers from a huge plastic bucket she had been carrying all over town (I saw her earlier over on Calle Jesus).  How can you not resist buying a bouquet of something.  Of course Donna bought a pretty bouquet for the studio.  Maybe that was the next "still Life" project for the girls...
Check out Donna's website ( ) and find out when the next 'Plein Air' or studio workshop is scheduled.  You'll have a great time.

Dickson's Studio and Gallery
Calle San Francisco 1
(and by the way, the studio/gallery has a remarkable view of the jardin and the Parroquia)


  1. Great feature Robin.I forgot that the flower lady came in. Looking forward to seeing you in October. By the way I've passed this on to friends and they've all loved the pic with my kids. Donna

  2. Everyone is having such a good time. Who wouldn't want to sign up for a class!