Friday, November 9, 2012

Gatos y Perros

With the elections behind us, I thought I would write a silly little piece on Gatos and Perros.  It seemed only fitting since cats and dogs usually do not get along.

Walking around San Miguel de Allende is always great and you never know what you will come across.  It doesn't hurt either to have your camera on hand at all times.  This gato was up on the top wall of a house on Calle Barranca.  He was either protecting his dinner or deciding on what bird was going to be his next meal.
You have to love the ceramic sign warning you of the perro!  The perro actually looks like he wants to play.
And then this guy doesn't have a care in the world with the grand daddy of dog bowls.  
I know, he's a Pitt Bull but what a nice dog. I interrupted him from a little siesta over in the French park.  He could hardly keep his eyes open.
These guys were hanging out on Hernandez Macia, just people watching.
This white Lab was supervising the grilling that was going on at a countryside restaurant.  With all that has gone on in the political world these last few months, A "Dogs Life" looks pretty good!  Viva los perros.

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