Friday, November 30, 2012

Vance Kirkland's water colors and my photography

Tuesday I wrote about the Kirkland Museum and today I wanted to share with you some of his earlier works, his water colors.  I was impressed with his subject manor and his composition and how they reminded me of some of my photography.
Ronda, Spain - Monastery 
watercolor - 1930
Hacinas, northern Spain
My husband and I had been driving around the Rioja area in Spain and came across the somewhat isolated church.  What a beautiful setting with the color of the stones against the sky were spectacular.

Piccolo Marina, Capri
Portofino, Italy
What a wonderful time we had up on the hill at Hotel Splendido sipping Prosecco with a plate of prosciutto and fresh figs overlooking the blue, blue Mediterranean.   Kirkland really captured the colors of the buildings in his watercolor.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Such dimension and rich colors.
Ruins of Central City
1935 - Oil on linen
Ruins of the Rioja region, northern Spain
When I saw Kirkland's Ruins of Central City, immediately I thought of the eerie sight that we had seen in Spain.  Both scenes in the photo and the water color are very haunting and both have somewhat muted buildings with patches of green grass.  Wild!

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