Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lavanda, Terraza - Cafe in San Miguel de Allende

In the last few months, Victor (who I have known all his life) and his darling girlfriend, Karla, opened a wonderful little breakfast and early lunch spot in San Miguel de Allende.  Lavanda (Spanish for lavender) is located right above Frank Gardner's gallery at Calle Zacateros 75.

A cozy space with a covered terrace and an area draped with natural colored manta cloth to shade one from the sun.
Breakfast includes coffee and fresh juice.  The lattes and cappuccinos are some of the best in town!
One of the many planters with lavender that line the front of Lavanda.
Great decor with a black board listing the many coffees or teas available.  There are a few spots to sit inside too.
Meet Carla and Victor's uncle, Juan.
One morning I had the eggs Benedict.  Perfectly poached eggs and what a pretty presentation. 
Above is Lavanda's version of Huevos Rancheros.  Again, what a great presentation, especially on these blue and white dishes that they bought over in Dolores Hidalgo.   One of my favorite dishes is the baked egg with roasted tomatoes and potatoes served in a cazuela (a Mexican earthenware cooking bowl).  Of course that was the day that did not have my camera with me which rarely happens.
The bread that is served with breakfast is delicious as are the preserves that is made by another relative and can be purchased there.  The preserves are really tasty, some are infused with lavender, others with rosemary.
There is always a new item popping up on the menu, like some of their yummy desserts!
The food is delicious, the decor is charming and the service is excellent.  (Lavanda is open every day.)  Stop by! And tell them Robin sent you in.


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  2. Lavanda has moved to a location just 2 blocks from the jardin - Hernandez Macias 87. You will love their new place!