Monday, May 20, 2013

Matria, An Art Garden in Oaxaca

Recently I was in Oaxaca and I can upon a really great ruin of a house that is now home to some wild art and container gardening.  The Matria Jardin is an art therapy garden promoting container gardening and re-cycling.  The planting is seasonal.  Education of medicinal plants and there uses is also part of Matria.  The transformation of this architectural space is just spectacular.

I just love the abstract painting on the old adobe wall with the shadows from the pergola above.  The table had a burlap cloth that had been adorned with hemp twine stitched into the fabric.  Holes had been cut into the table so the tops of the galvanized buckets would be flush with the table's top.  What a clever idea.
Beautiful wrought iron gates were part of the space.
 Another great space.   What a great idea by setting an old bath tub in the frame of a bed. 
I was so inspired by this space, that I decided to do something creative once I was back in Denver.  I had two small wood chairs that I had bought in Patzcuaro a while ago in my garage that had just been collecting dust.  I painted them Benjamin Moore "Sunflower." I attached a 2" x 2" wire grid on the bottom of the legs that would act as the armature for the rust colored Eucalyptus, natural wheat and green grasses.  I planted Mexican Grasses in the galvanized buckets.  I installed some bolts into the wall and hung the chairs.  Mission accomplished.  They make me smile and they remind me of the wonderful garden and old ruin I experienced when I was in Oaxaca.
An art therapy garden promoting interaction with the public along with artistic exhibitions and educational programs on cultivation.
In the historic center.
Calle Murgia 103
Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico

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