Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Panteon in San Miguel de Allende is a spectacular site on Dia de Muertos

November second is a busy day in San Miguel de Allende, especially at the cemetery, The Panteon.  On any other day, this street is deserted with an occasional car or pedestrian.  But being All Souls Day, their is a steady stream of families going to the cemetery to decorate the tombs and visit with those who have passed on.
All these temporary little stalls are selling a variety of flowers, painted tin cans to hold the arrangements, crosses and fruit.  All to be purchased as offerings to passed loved ones.
 Cotton candy for the children.
This lady is making individual bouquets all with the flowers representing Dia de Muertas:   Marigolds (Flores de Cempasuchil), Cockscomb (Cresta de Gallo) and Baby's Breath (Aliento de Nino).
It is a busy place.  The priest is giving mass over a load speaker. Families are gathering around the grave sights.
Musicians are waiting to be hired to play a favorite song of the passed family member.
Talk about color.
Beautiful combination of colors. So simple but heart warming.
Tiny little table with a meal on it along with plates full of food.
Another colorful sight.
Over the top!
The graves sites have been scrubbed and a fresh coat of paint applied.  Flowers planted.  All in honor of their passed loved ones.

And last but not least, is the North American section which is very tidy and orderly.  Just like an English garden.

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