Friday, October 31, 2014

The Children are a big part of the Celebration for Los Dias de Muertos

I just adore the way the children get involved with Los Dias de Muertos.  This little guy was coming home from school and I was just coming out of the Diego Rivera Museum in Guanajuato.  I said, "Hola Guapo" (Hi handsome).  With a big grin on his face, he stopped so I could take his photo.
Up in the jardin (the main plaza) in San Miguel with hordes of people dressed up in a variety of costumes.  I have never seen such a beautiful little devil before than this little gal.
The Bell of the Ball.
Great job on her makeup with the garland of yellow flowers painted on her forehead. 
A lovely "Frida Kahlo" with the walking "RIP" coffin. Wonderful.
Such creativity in this costume!  Strips of magazine pages woven to make bodice of the dress, black plastic bags for her sleeves, layer after layer of crumbled white paper for the skirt and her large hat comprised of cookie and candy bags are just magnificent.  This certainly gives true meaning to recycling!
Talk about forlorn.  I think someone was ready to go home and hit the hay.
Having dinner at La Brasserie at Calle Jesus 11 in San Miguel de Allende and there was a steady stream of costumed children walking by.  First this little gal appeared in the window.
Next her brother.  I just love how this brother and sister seem to not have a care in the world except enjoying the evening out and definitely their suckers.  Life is grand!

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