Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chihuly At Night

The other night we bundled up and went over to the Denver Botanic Gardens with our friends, Judy and Denny.  It was getting close to the end of the Chihuly exhibition and we really wanted to see the sculptures lit up at night.  Above is the Blue Icicle Towers.
The Summer Sun was brilliant against the dark sky.
Pretty cool to see some of the lily pond frozen over with the Monet Pool Fiori amongst the snow and ice. 
The Red Reeds were probably one of the most successful sculptures lit up at night.  The reeds had more depth and intrigue in the dark sky than during the day.
And I liked how the silhouettes of the people stood out amongst the reeds.
The White Tower came to life in the darkness.  During the day, it seems to have gotten lost with not much punch as the other sculptures.
Where as the Boats and Balls on the ponds were lost in the night, the Turquoise Reeds came to life against the orange wall.  
From a distance, the Saffron Tower was somewhat medieval, like a tower out of the movie, Lord of the Rings with its glowing facade with wild vines holding it in bondage.  Actually it is the trees in the foreground that give the tower that magical look.  For scale, take a look of the man walking in front of it.  
 On a closer look, the Saffron Tower takes on new life. 
Denny and Len, Men in Black, with the Red Cattails.
It was interesting to see the sculptures lit up at night.  Many preferred the night time viewing where I loved the sculptures the best during the day.  The vibrant glass pieces against the blue, blue Denver sky was breathtaking and the mirrored reflections of the boats and balls were spectacular.  Overall, it was one of the best shows the Denver Botanic Gardens has had and they have had some winners over the past few years.
To view Chihuly during the day, see my post dated July 16, 2014.

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