Monday, October 29, 2012

What a wonderful group of ladies!!!!

I just recently returned from San Miguel de Allende from leading one of my tours and I have to tell you, I had a phenomenal group of ladies join me this time and most of them I did not know and many did not know each other until this trip.  That changed immediately when they all came over to my casa for the welcome reception and dinner.  The photo above was taken in front of the Cervantes sculpture over in Guanajuato's main plaza:  Benita, Louise, Gail, Mary, Bobette, Paula, Liz, Millie (kneeling) and Janey.  If you can believe it, Gail and Liz had been on a previous San Miguel tour and they just had to go again.  Benita found me through my blog.  When Benita got back home to Austin, she wrote me, "Thanks for a wonderful trip - the best San Miguel trip I have been on. And I have been on many.  Your daily attention to detail were great, food, places, etc.. Keep me on your mailing list."
Gail posing for a few photos in front of the Don Quixote sculpture at the entrance of Posada Carmina in San Miguel.
After we had toured the San Francisco church, we stopped in one of my favorite places where I buy my Mexican blouses, Chaskis.  Myra and her mother, Ethel were there to help us.  But before we all started trying on a few blouses, Bobette had to model the hand-knit doggie hat for me.
Not wanting to be left out of all the fun, Louise modeled another hat for me.
Benita is posing next to this piece of art at Anado's gallery out in the countryside.
On Saturday, a few of us went back to the market to do some shopping.  I had to pick up some cilantro and mangoes for the salsa that I was going to make for the farewell dinner the next evening.  Outside of one of the little grocery stores were some children rides or should I say rides for ages 2 and up....  Millie looks like she was born in the saddle.
But Janey (AKA Annie Oakley) looks like she could ride right out into the arena, waving to the crowd.
One of the stops we had made in the market was at a little stall selling wrestling masks.  Of course we bought a few.  At my farewell reception, I pulled them out at the end of the evening.  Everyone and I mean everyone had to try them on!  Mary has such a nice white mullet that matches her blouse.
Paula showing off the devil mask with her new outfit that she had bought that afternoon at Girosol Boutique and Gallery on San Francisco 11.
And then there is Liz, something right out of the blue lagoon!

We had a full week of sighting seeing and fabulous meals but what stands out was the great group of ladies and all the laughs we had.  Again, never a dull moment in San Miguel.

If you are interested in joining me on one of my tours, I have scheduled one for the first part of June and I already have some fun people signed up!  San Miguel is a colonial gem with its graceful Baroque mansions, cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, vibrant markets, art galleries and friendly people.  Each day is a completely different experience.   As Janey wrote me, "Thanks again for sharing your beautiful city with us ~ and mostly, thanks for your warm friendship and wonderful SELF!"

Join me.  After a week in San Miguel, you will leave with memories for life and new found friends!

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