Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pizza, a little of this and a little of that

 The other night I just did not know what to make for dinner.  And I did not feel like going to the grocery store.  Fortunately I had purchased a container of pizza dough (great flavor) from Whole Foods the day before.  And I had a lot of good stuff in the refrigerator.
Years ago I was talked into going to a friend's house for a "Pampered Chef" demo.  The crowd was quite rowdy and the younger gals did not appear to be interested in anything to do with cooking more less the kitchen.  My friend Suzy who I dragged along with me and I felt so sorry for the lady doing the demo, we just had to buy something.  Having a well stocked kitchen, I really did not need anything but I did buy this pizza stone which has proved to be a great addition to my kitchen. 
I let the dough come to room temperature for about an hour.  I rolled it out and laid it on the pizza stone that I had brushed with a little olive oil.  I layered the dough with thin slices of prosciutto, pieces of Burrata, thinly sliced onions (I would have preferred a red onion but that meant a trip to the store...), slices of nectarines and then topped with some grated cheese (mozzarella, provolone and Parmesan).  
I baked the pizza for about 25 minutes at 350' (until the crust was a golden color).  I cut the pizza into large squares and topped each piece with a handful of arugula.  
What a great summer dinner.  I can still taste the fresh nectarines. 
Bon Appetit!

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