Monday, August 5, 2013

A morning at the Botanic Gardens in Denver

I spent the morning at the Denver Botanic Gardens yesterday.  The flowers were spectacular and the lighting was just perfect.  Near the east side of the gardens is the sleek steel "Barracuda" by Wolfgang Pogzena.   

 The colors were simply brilliant and the bees were busy.
A new installation by artist Nancy Lovendahl titled "Spiral Dancer" - a combination of painted Aspen trunks, rebar and steel wire.  It had a sense of eeriness in the flat lighting.
It had rained earlier that morning and the water lilies were a bit water logged.  This one seems to look almost transparent.
The water lily ponds are some of my favorite places in the gardens.
This looks like a real life Monet.
I love this cast bronze piece, "Colorado Loop No. 5" by Yoshitomo Saito.  I could easily see that in my garden.
There were so many shades of pink and salmon. 
I was fascinated by the intricate center of the flowers.
Such color!  Reminds me of some of the hot lipstick pink house facades in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Who can not resist the happy yellow face of this Daisy.  It was a great morning!

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  1. You capture the image and light so beautifully Robin.