Monday, July 7, 2014

Biking around Denver is Great!

Living in the heart of the city is the best.  Denver is known for its numerous park and great bike paths.  Many very accessible from my house!  This was going south on the Platte River Trail.
In front of the Denver Animal Shelter, there is a 20 foot tall dog made of 90,000 dog tags.
Looking up at the neck, you can get an idea of all the 1" round tags.  In the evening, the dog is illuminated with colored LED lights.
I have always admired this building and bridge from afar as I drive down I-25.  But the bike trail next to the south Platte River takes you right by it.  The building is home to the Waste Water Management and the Bridge of Recycling Fountains was designed my Laura Audrey in 1996.  The stainless steel sculpture is 17 feet x 37 feet x 175 feet with 29 repeated fountains on each side.
Such a cool retro design that certainly compliments the building.  Too bad the fountains were not running.  I am sure it is pretty spectacular to see the water going from each fountain to the next.
Some of my biking buddies (Jennifer, Pam, Beth and Lynn), what a motley crew with our dorky helmets on but better safe than sorry.
With the wet spring, the flowers have been magnificent.
I love the white Yarrow in with the Daisies.
Great design on the Colfax bridge.
Along the way we run into some interesting wall art.
And then there is Elitches.  Talk about a frightening ride.  I definitely will stick to my bike.
In some areas on the North Platte River trail, you really feel like you are way out in the country.
 Another one of favorite routes is through the Fairmount Cemetery.  Founded in 1890, there are over 3,800 trees on the 280 acres.  The pretty Little Ivy Chapel was built when the Fairmount was opened.  Designed by Harry T. E. Wendell in the Ecclesiastical French Gothic Architecture style of the 13th century. 
 There are some spectacular tombstones, statues and little mausoleums.
I am impressed by the Art Deco and Art Noveau designs on many.

 The large mausoleum has a series of beautiful Art Noveau stain glass windows.
Once on the other side (haha), we jump on the Highland Canal path. The trail going east had some areas with some impressive Poppies.
The Highland Trail going south from the Fairmount Cemetery. 

Eventually you connect with the Cherry Creek Trail that takes you back into Cherry Creek and downtown.
The magnificent sundial over at Lowry is very impressive.
 Getting closer to home, I enjoy looking at all the neighbors beautiful flowers.

Especially the Hollyhocks just down the street on Severn.  Denver, what a great city to live in! What a great city to bike around!

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