Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chihuly Glass Sculptures Packs a Big Punch at the Denver Botanic Gardens

A visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens, you will be wowed over by the magnificent outdoor installation of sculptures by the American glass artist, Dale Chihuly!
Entering the gardens, you will come up on the Blue Icicle Towers.  What a beautiful choice against the blue, blue Denver sky.  See my earlier post, it's a video on how the glass pieces were packaged for transport and watch the team installing them one by one.
One can see why it was Chihuly who revolutionized the Studio Glass Movement from the conception of a craft to fine art.
Summer Sun really catches your eye.  Medusa-like glass tentacles, twisted in every direction.  I can't imagine how one would assemble this piece.
The garden's ponds are a perfect palette for his works.  His Monet Pool Fiori certainly captures the colors that Monet used in his water lily paintings.  Very surreal with the reflection of the purple spears. 
Green Hornets and Gold Water Drops.  The glass ferns almost look like spiraling mylar decorations.
Float Boat is loaded with a variety of multi-colored glass balls.  I love how the balls play off the round water lily leaves.
Red Reeds - The contrast of the polished red reeds against the soft flowing grass is beautiful.
Blue and Purple Boat with Walla Wallas.  The boat is a pretty good size, 3' x 22.5' x 18.5'.
Neodymium Reeds fits right in with all the blooming summer plants.
White Tower sits perfectly in the round pond surrounded by water lilies.
It's reflection is just as stunning.
These grasses have the same movement and grace as does White Tower.
Walking down O'Fallon Perennial path, there is a variety of glass spears in all shapes and sizes.  These remind me of a Venice Flytrap.
And these play off the colors of the Holly Hocks.  Gorgeous, flowers and glass spears.

It's a great show!  We went right when the gardens opened, at 8:00am before it got too hot and too crowded.  We plan on going back in the evening, when it's dark for many of the sculpture are illuminated.  And yes, I will have my camera with me.
The Chihuly Exhibition is here until November 30, 2014.

Denver Botanic Gardens
Tenth and York Street

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