Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Museo de Las Americas - Outside In 303

Outside In 303 showcases 7 local artists born and raised on the West side of Denver. This group of artists who typically use the environment as their canvas face the challenges and constraints of being placed in the "white box" walls of a museum.  Director of the Museo, Maruca Salazar, posed for me in front of the wall art created by Avila welcoming people to the exhibit.
As you round the corner into the exhibition space, Gabriel Salazar has an abstract piece with the traditional Papel Picado in the center.
Gabriel is influenced by a combination of pop art, graffiti and abstract expressionism.  He wrote that he likes to create patterns and shapes so the viewer can use their on imagination just as you would looking up at the clouds in the sky and creating one's own images.

Joseph Lopez captures the struggles of the homeless and disabled in his black and white pieces.
Jack Avila's pop art creates a story of the history, past and present, of those who have lived in the housing projects and on the street.
A close up of his mural.
I like how Victoriano Rivera adds the abstract to the pop art.

 Kans89 creates pieces using vintage cartoons, bold colors and heavy metal iconography.
It's an interesting show with vibrant colors and different perspectives and certainly an innovative way to bring these young artists out of their norm into a rather traditional art world.  Artists Include: Jack Avila, Javier Fidelis Flores, "Kans 89", Josiah Lopez, Victoriano Rivera, Gabriel Salazar and Mario Zoots.

Museo de Las Amercias
 861 Santa fe Drive
Denver, Colorado

The show is up until September 21, 2014.

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