Friday, October 20, 2017

A pretty stroll around Mount Urgell in San Sebastian

One morning, kinda misty out, I headed out with my group towards the marina to walk around Mount Urgell.  What a view from my hotel window.
There is a huge Christ up on the top of the hill that you can climb up to.
On the way we noticed a man writing in the sand, I would assume making some political statement that will soon be erased by the incoming tide.
We passed by a quaint, little marina.
Loved the tile facade on this building.  It glimmered in the sun, almost like fish scales.
One house had dyed or painted the wine corks and hung them decoratively from the eaves.  I love it but I sure it would be very time consuming to make.  
Great art work on this poster advertising an exposition on sea toys at the Aquarium.

A view of the Santa Clara island that has a tiny beach and when it's tide, most of the beach disappears.  Beyond the island is Mount Igueldo.  If you follow the rock stairs down to the water and then out, you will see a small figure, a man paddle boarding.  He started at the beach by our hotel, proceeded to go out into the ocean and around Mount Urgell to the Zurriola beach, which is noted for its surfing, and then back to where he started.  Talk about core strength!
Laura stopping on the Paseo Nuevo to take some photos of the beautiful scenery.  It's spitting rain here and there but the sun is trying to come out.
Then we come upon the striking sculpture, Construccion Vacia (Empty Construction), by Basque artist, Jorge Orteiza (1908 - 2003).   It's like a wild window with its view out into the rugged sea.
And the sea can be rather ominous as the sign warns.
 The waves were rather tame the day we were walking on the Paseo Nuevo.
But a few years ago the waves were really crashing up onto the walkway.
Making the big loop, we ended up in the plaza in front of the San Telmo Museo  which features the Basque culture and society.
 What totally amused us were a group of little girls playing a game at recess.
Totally oblivious to any one else except on getting the bandana from the ring leader.  

It's a perfect morning walk and you will see many of the locals doing just that.

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