Friday, October 27, 2017

Taking the funicular up to Mount Igueldo in San Sebastian

Walking the promenade towards the west, you will take a slight detour and follow the signs to the funicular that will take you to the top of Mount Igueldo.  For 3.15 Euros, you can ride the clunky old-world funicular that is pulled up the mountain by a series of pulleys and motors up to the top.  It runs every 15 minutes. 
 Once to the top the views are spectacular.
Part of my group of ladies.
 I was so impressed by the beautiful and lush Hydrangeas.
It was off season and the Parque de Atracciones was closed for the season (children were back in school).  Atop Mount Igueldo, there are individual rides and games like the canal seen above that surrounds the property where you can take boat rides.
 This is the paddle that creates the movement in the water to propel the tiny boats.
A view of the coastline looking west.
The Torreon de Monte Igueldo is a fortified 16th-century lighthouse.  It is no longer functioning but it offers great views. 
Once you reach the area with all the attractions, it is like stepping back in time.  It could be a set from an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Check out the big gorilla face as the entrance of the Casa de Terror.
A big ole slide...
A mini train ride that weaves in and around these toad stools and gnomes.

A big labyrinth. 
And bummer cars.  I could just see my group in these after a few bottles of Cava!  Watch out.
 Where are the Jetsons?
Would have loved to have had my husband with to try this one out.  He might have broke it.
A sign promoting another ride.
We waited for the next funicular to come up so we could go back down.
Once that funicular leaves, there is not guard rail, nothing to prevent someone from falling into the big gap.  We all backed up against the wall waiting for out turn.
It's a funky place with incredible views and I bet it would be a lot of fun when all the rides are up and running.

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