Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Comb of the Wind sculptures in San Sebastian

Another morning we walked the opposite direction from our hotel towards Mount Igueldo.  Every morning the beach is dragged and seaweed is being collected.  There must have been some storms out at sea, for I have never encountered hardly any seaweed in the past.  The water is normally crystal clear.
At the very western end of the Promenade and La Concha Bay,  you will find  El Peine del Viente  (The Comb of the Wind), a collection of three sculptures by Eduardo Chillida  arranged as an architectural work by the Basque architect Luis Pens Ganchegui.
These monumental steel sculptures, weighing 10 tons each, are embedded in the natural rocks rising from the Cantabrian Sea.  Completed in 1976, It's a marriage of art and landscape where the ruggedness of the sea meets the strength of the iron sculptures.
Jorge Oteiza was a Basque sculptor born in San Sebastian who examined the nature of space and emptiness in monumental minimalist sculptures that were very  influential in the art world of the mid-20th century. 

Octavio Paz wrote that in Chillida’s work "iron says wind, wood says song, alabaster says light — but all say the same thing: space". 

It's a beautiful spot!

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