Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cochinillo in Barcelona. I know, what's Cochinillo....

Ever since my husband, Len and I have been coming to Spain, roast baby pig (cochinillo) has been one of our all time favorite dishes along with suckling goat (cabrito).  Cochinillo is more readily available in eastern and northern Spain but El Asador has a few restaurants around Barcelona featuring our favorite dish.  El Asador de Aranda was a nice walk south on Via Laietana from our hotel, The Claris.
It was Sunday afternoon and we had just left the Palau Reial.   By the time we had arrived to El Asador de Aranda and were seated, families were coming in for their Sunday get together and it was not too much longer that the place had filled up.   I love the plates, reminded me of some plates my grandparents might have had minus the little lamb.
Then we were served some pickles and olives in this attractive contemporary dish.  Those who know me, know I do not like either one of those so Len had his fill.
Of course we started with a beautiful plate of thinly sliced jamon ( ham).  Jamon is probable second to football in its popularity in Spain!  The process of curing Iberian ham takes years.  The best variety is "pata Negra" (black hoof) or "de Bollota" (of the acorn).  Pigs are raised on eating the black acorns from the Oak trees.  The Jamon de Bollota just melts in your mouth!
And then we were served the Cochinillo.  Its fatty skin was crisp while the meat was tender and juicy.  Just as wonderful as our last dining experience.  Buen Provecho!

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