Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wounded Shooting Star in Barcelona

Walking around the Barceloneta area, we took a stroll along the beach.   This area was traditionally home to the fishermen and dock workers in Barcelona.  It was the first planned neighborhood in the city with its tiny grid of narrow streets set around spacious squares.

The sculpture above with its twisted cubes that seem to be haphazardly stacked upon each other is the creation of German artist, Rebecca Horn.  Titled L'Estel Ferit (The Wounded Shooting Star), locally referred to as The Cubes, reaches a towering height of ten meters and was installed just in time for the Olympics.

The early 1990's was an innovative time and the sea front was seeing some interesting sculptures dress up the rather neglected neighborhood.   Barceloneta's coastline was at one time dotted with numerous xiringuitos (bars and restaurants) that had fallen into disrepair and were eventually torn down before the crowds arrived for the Olympics.   The Cubes was Horn's homage to these old shacks and to the past.

I think it sits beautifully on the beach with the blue, blue sea as its backdrop!

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