Thursday, January 26, 2012

Street Art in Valencia

My husband and I were in Valencia, Spain for the day and we came upon some really creative street art.   The head coming out of the deep hole has Dali written all over it.  Is it really a politician's head escaping the gutter?
The two horses with the common head butting together to me shows the conflict of one who is nomadic and the other who is sedentary.  Or is it political gridlock.  Where do they go from here. 
Communal thinking, where everyone thinks the same thing and they are blind to reality.  Or is it a really bad hair day that is just too "over the wall"?
I love how the painters were painted on the building facade. And yes indeed, there was construction work going on over head!
Again, keep your eyes peeled and who knows what you will stumble upon.

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