Monday, April 2, 2012

La Bomba

The Barceloneta area on the south side of Barcelona is full of interesting buildings, narrow streets, some amazing sculptures and little places to eat.
I found this door with the potted red flowers quite quaint.
Typical of many of the Art Noveau buildings in Barcelona, this facade really dresses up the building.
But the little gem of a place in the Barceloneta area in La Cova Fumada (The Smokey Cove).   There is no sign on the building, just the number 56 and usually a group of people milling around outside the restaurant waiting to get their spot at the tiny bar or a seat at one of the few marble tables inside. 
We both had a cold mini bottle of Estrella Damm and their signature dish, LaBomba. A Bomba is a potato croquette with traces of crispy mincemeat and herbs served with a creamy aiolli sauce and a spicy tomato sauce.  La Bomba dates back to the 1930's during the civil war.  The Barceloneta area was home to fisherman and a haven for bomb (bomba) makers.  La Bomba is the food version of a bomb with its fiery sauce.
As you can see, it is a tiny bar.  Love the aged wood cooler doors with the old handles and hinges.
It is a great place for deep fried cod fritters, grilled fish, fried artichokes... Full of locals and in the summer, full of people from the beach.  No wonder, the fish is so fresh and excellent.  Prices are pretty good too!

La Cova Fumada
Carrer del Baluard 56

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