Monday, April 16, 2012

Love the posters around San Miguel

You usually can find out what is going on in town by some of the colorful posters that are hanging around town.  This one is for the procession to the Parroquia (San Miguel's parish church) on Good Friday.
The Estudiatinas are the center of attraction on this poster.  Estudiantinas is a group of professional musicians and singers dressed in traditional clothing that wander around the jardin (the main plaza) playing for the crowds that gather around them.  Many times they will have a burro with a wicker basket on ist back that holds some wine that the Estudiantinas serve to the crowd.  Should you be part of the excitement, don't forget to to tip them for the libation!
The market usually has many posters advertising musical groups.

Then there are the posters for the bullfight.  Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza fights the bull from his beautiful white stallion.
I love the old fashion look of this poster especially when the bull seems to be winning at the moment.    There is always something exciting happening around town.

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