Thursday, April 26, 2012

The little faces of Mexico

I was in Uruapan for the big fair over Palm Sunday weekend and this mother was proudly showing off her precious daughter with her dressed adorned with all the hand crocheted lace.

A little bored... just another day at the market.

A little serious and a little pooped from being in the parade with the hot, hot sun.

This cutie was waiting to be part of an Easter procession in San Miguel de Allende on Calle Mesones.

He had been playing hard in the San Miguel's Plaza Civica.  Running, jumping, sliding down the stone steps. 
Lost in thought, he was mounted on the large Clydesdale who pulls the ice cream wagon up the hill and into the jardin in front of the Parroquia Church every Sunday in San Miguel.
Another day dreamer.  He was in the saddle on his father's horse in the jardin during the blessing of the cowboys and their horses.

This little senorita was part of the parade in Uruapan.
Giggles galore.  They were having the best time in the plaza over in Dolores Hidalgo.  I stopped there with one of my groups after I had taken them to Guanajuato.  Even though we had had a huge comida (lunch) at Las Mercedes over in Guanajuato, no one, and mean no one, wanted to pass up stopping in the plaza to have a cone of Dolores's famous ice cream.
This little nino was mesmerized by the two girls playing at the end of the cast iron bench.  He just wanted to be part of the fun.
What's not to love but a little guy in a tiger suit!

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