Monday, July 22, 2013

Joaquin, the cactus man

Most weekends you will find Joaquin in the jardin (the main square in San Miguel de Allende) with both hands full of his cactus creations.    He makes a plaster base and with a little sphagnum moss he builds the most beautiful cactus and succulent arrangements.  He lives out by the presa (dam) south of town and takes the bus into town.

Over the years we have bought one for the doorways going from the patio into the house.  Last time I saw him, he only had one in his hand.  My Mom and I had just come from the money exchange and I just had to buy another one.  When we met up with my Dad in the jardin , low and behold, he had bought one too as a surprise for us ladies. 

Joaquin is the nicest man.  When ever he sees us, he quickly walks our direction and gives us a firm handshake.  We have a good laugh because I have told him that I have run out of doorways.

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  1. Love Joaquin's cactus, I must get one for our new place up in La Palmita Donna