Monday, March 22, 2010

Clever & Funny Signage

This little store, La Yucca, in San Miguel de Allende sells dried flowers and arrangements. With my "out there" sense of humor, I get a giggle every time I walk by, for I imagine that this store sells things that are truly "Yucky." And in my case, that would be everything associated with pineapple, coconut, pickles and olives! Even thou I can not stand olives, I do like olive oil. I do love the way the sign casts its shadow on the door.

Talk about perfect timing! I had just left my wrought iron man's taller (workshop), where I was checking on one of my designs that he was fabricating. Walking down Avenida Guadalupe, I looked up at the taxi sign just when the cloud was coming out of the exhaust pipe. How hysterical is that. The only thing it was missing, was Mr. Magoo. (The late Jim Backuss did a great voice over for that near-sighted cartoon character back in 1949.)

"Art & Plastic Surgery" has been on this door jam for as long as I can recall. I don't know the story behind it, but I would imagine someone has a very good sense of humor (I would only hope so). Can you imagine seeing this in the states!
This is one of many pretty signs around town. This frame is made of tin roses and painted gold. My good amiga Dianne, who has Rancho Casa Luna just outside of San Miguel, has one of these painted silver in her powder room with a mirror in the center. Really nice looking. This tin work is just one of the many outstanding crafts that can be found around town.

And here is Dianne. After a cold cerveza and some ribs, it did not take too much coaching to get her to pose for me. I think she looks moooooooooonificent!

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