Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative People on my Tour

The creativity of the people that have been on my San Miguel de Allende tours, truly amazes and delights me!
Many of the people have been docents from the Denver Art Museum and like everyone else, they immediately fell in love with San Miguel's history and architecture. Part of their training includes the Spanish Colonial period in which we had the pleasure of learning interesting tid bits about many of the Saints that occupy the numerous churches around town.

It is also a photographers dream come true. San Miguel is at an altitude around 6,500 feet. With that altitude and its clean air, the morning and afternoon colors on the facades of the buildings just come to life.
Even after 35 years, I still do not leave the casa with out a camera in tow.
In my photo below, you can see how the colors of this home's facade just pop with the contrast of the blue, blue sky.
Sharon, an artist from Denver who was on my last tour, travels with her small journal, paint brushes and water colors. Her water colors below, beautifully capture the colors, textures and lightning of San Miguel.

An entrance to one of many tunnels in Guanajuato and a doorway in San Miguel. Typical pots that frame many of San Miguel's roofs. Sometimes filled with Agave, Bougainvillea, Geraniums ..........
A street in San Miguel.

The interior of Casa Luna, the B & B where my guests stay.

A final note, Sharon commented on the farewell dinner at my house, Casa Robin.

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