Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Some of the Many Things I Love about San Miguel de Allende

The simple pleasures that I encounter in San Miguel de Allende is what brings a smile to my face. This gentleman above comes to our house every week with fresh flowers for sale. And when he sees us around town, he always greats us with a big wave.

This young man sets up "shop" on the corner near my house. The meticulous work he does with caning and rush is a craft that he learned from his father. We always great each other and I look forward to seeing what project he has taken on that particular day.

Juan comes in from the countryside (el campo) with his creative little gardens packed with succulents, cactus and moss. He always greats us with a big smile and a firm hand shake. Many of his creations are sitting on the steps of each doorway that leads to each room from the patio. We laugh because I told him that I can not buy anymore for I have run out of doorways.

I was in the mercado (market) one morning and I struck up a conversation with this caballero. I commented on what a handsome shirt he had on and he was more than happy to have me take his picture.

Kiddy corner from the young man that does the caning, this man sells "Petates" from his bike. One of the oldest skills around, Petates are woven straw mats that serve as blankets, rugs, tablecloths and even beds. My dad, in the blue shirt, always stops to have a chat with him. I think they were checking out some "chica" that was walking down the street.

And finally, Victor, the garlic man!

I had bought a strand of garlic from Victor about two weeks ago and I saw him on the street near my casa. I stopped and said, "Buenas dias Victor." He gave me a puzzled look and asked me how I knew his name. I told him that I knew all the handsome (guapo) men's names in town. Well, he walked away with the biggest grin on his face.

It is all those unexpected encounters that makes San Miguel so special to me.

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