Monday, March 29, 2010

Las Mercedes Restaurant in Guanajauto

Las Mercedes is a family run restaurant located in the outskirts of Guanajuato in a residential area where I take my group for comida when we tour Guanajuato. The cuisine is taken to a new level, traditional family recipes with a gourmet twist. This is the view from the front of the restaurant over looking the city.

Tony, Liz and Jan anxiously waiting for their special "house" cocktail!

Peggy & Rick, a couple that was on my October tour, enjoying the house cocktail. It is made with garambullo, juice from the berries of a cactus. After taking one sip after another, I came to the conclusion it was a cross between pomegranate juice and blueberries. A unique and distinctive flavor. But still not sure, so I think I will keep sipping.
One of three appetizers that we started with. "Mil Hojas de Nopal" - three layers of roasted nopales (small pads from the prickly pear cactus) with goat cheese, smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes & thin slices of red onion drizzled with essence of chile oil. So delicate and savory. The most delicate nopales are called "Lenguitas" or "little tongues."

"Envuelto de Chili Pasilla con Nata"

Home made flower tortilla filled with a marinated chili pasilla, black beans and a creamy nata sauce. The pasilla is a dried chili and when rehydrated, it has a sharp but rich flavor. The Nata is the thick skins that forms after scalding raw milk. A wonderful rich flavor.

"Chamorro Las Mercedes"

Talk about intense flavors! This tender pork shank was roasted for hours in a flavorful broth with herbs, tomatoes and black beans.

"Pollo con Mole Verde"

A tender and moist chicken breast served with a delicate pistachio mole and white rice. The desserts were to die for! Coconut ice cream with xoconostle (fruit from a variety of cacti), poached pear with home made cajeta sauce (above) and my favorite, a corn cake with nut flavored ice cream and garambullo coulis.

The force behind the cuisine!

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