Sunday, March 14, 2010

Custom Hand Made Cowboy Boots in San Miguel de Allende

One afternoon I was on a little shopping exploration with some of the ladies who were part of my tour this last January. We stumbled onto a relatively new shop, Arte en Piel on Calle Hidalgo. Adam Garcia makes exquisite hand crafted custom cowboy boots and mules.
Some of the designs that Adam has created.

He also had "Day of the Dead" and "Catarina" boots!

Some of the ladies in my group ordered mules and the fit was perfect. After talking with Adam for over ten minutes, one lady in my group asked me, "Robin, would you ask him how much are these mules?" Well, I turned to Barbara and said, "Ask him yourself, we are speaking English!" We all roared.
I was totally blown away by his craftsmanship and one morning I sat down with Adam and we worked on the design and colors for my new cowboy boots. Adam drew an outline of both of my feet, measured my instep and then I decided on the type of heel I wanted. Naturally I went for traditional roping heel at about 1 1/2" high.

I stopped by a week later to check on the progress of my boots. How cool is that to be able to tweak the design. The design on the foot of the boot is repeated in the stitching on the upper part of the boot.

Adam, hand delivered my boots to my house the night before I was to head back to the states.

Back in Denver, I had them on and one lady stopped me downtown and said,

"I would kill for those boots."

That further confirmed that I do have "killer" boots!

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  1. Hi Robin,
    My name is Rebecca. I did a search for Adam Garcia the Boot Maker and found your blog.

    I was in San Miguel this past November 4th 2010 and met Adam in his store. I purchased to sets of boots from him OR actually left a deposit for two sets.

    I've been attempting to get in touch with him for several weeks but have not made contact. None of his phone numbers work, and he hasn't responded to my emails.

    Is it possible that you can give him a message for me, IF you are in San Miguel anytime soon? For him to please email me?

    **I don't think it's intentional in anyway that I haven't heard from him, it's probably a mis-communication via phone and email (maybe my email has gone to spam)****

    my email is

    Thanks for listening!