Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wonderful Talavera in Dolores Hidalgo

I recently returned from my home in San Miguel de Allende where I had led another tremendously successful guided tour.  On one of our side trips, we were in Guanajuato for most of the day and we returned through San Miguel via Dolores Hidalgo.  Dolores is known primarily for its ceramic industry, which provides income for half the city's population.  One stop we make was at the ceramic store, JMB Talavera, owned by Senor and Senora Martinez.  I have been buying from them for over 20 years.
  Alice and Susan (mother and daughter) are deciding on what to buy.
 Phoebe already had her basket full and while Ronda was contemplating on buying a coffee cup or two.
 I have several of these bowls with the three feet.  The are ideal for serving salsas.
 Every time I am in the Martinez's store, there are new designs and patterns.
Cheryl was holding a new pattern that I found so pretty, perfect for that summer evening on the patio.
Laura, or should I say Vanna, was showing off a plate that can be found in a variety of colors.  It is referred to as the peacock design.  Most of the ceramics are lead free.  It was like a feeding frenzy with everyone buying something.  It never failed, when one was in line to pay for their treasures, something else would catch their eye.  I can not tell you how many times I heard, "How am I going to get all of this home."  When there is a will, there is a way.

JMB Talavera
Puebla No. 60 (Esquina Tamulipas)
Dolores Hidalgo
#(418) 182 0749

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  1. There is always such a great selection at the Martinez shop and they are such a delight! Who can go wrong with buying such wonderful hand-painted functional artwork. I love it and am glad your group did, too! Vanna did a great job of showing off the Peacock plate, si como no! Dianne