Monday, November 1, 2010

Los Dias de Muertos in San Miguel de Allende

Los Dios de Muertos, The Days of the Dead, November 2, is an annual holiday and an interesting time to be in San Miguel de Allende.  All Saint Day, November 1, is for the little children.  Cemeteries are visited and offerings (ofrendas) are made at the graves.  Death is celebrated in the presence of life.
The market is full of orange flowers, Zempasuchitl, a kind of marigold which is the traditional flower of the dead.
All kinds and shapes of special candles are sold in the market to be used in the home altars and at the cemetery.
An assortment of sugar candies can be found in all shapes and forms.
More sugar candies.
This altar was in the window at Caracol, a great store on Calle Pila Seca in San Miguel de Allende. A typical altar has offerings of fruit, candies in shapes of animals & skulls, hot chocolate, cider, flowers, candles, cut out shapes of a skull (calavera) and specialty breads made with eggs in human or animal forms.
And the biggest '"Ghoul" around was my friend Kathy.

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