Monday, November 22, 2010

A Reunion Party from San Miguel de Allende

Recently I went to a pot luck Reunion Fiesta for all the people that had been on my October tour to San Miguel de Allende.  Spouses were invited too.  I made Ceviche Rojo de Camarones y Cod.  Check my post out on Wednesday for the recipe.
Here is Laura (the blond) with her husband Tom (the hosts of the evening) and Dianne, she's a blinker.
Bobbi, Ronda and Matina were all on my last trip and we had such a fun time. 
My husband Len drinking a margarita that Dudley and Ronda had brought.  They made the margaritas from my recipe which they learned how to make at the cooking class that I taught on my tour out at Rancho Casa Luna.  And of course Laura, hamming it up.  What's new...
Matina is wearing a pretty butterfly (mariposa) dress with her day of the dead necklace which she bought on our trip.  She said she gets comments on it all the time when she has it on.  Dudley is standing next to Matina's husband, Amadeo.  He was very envious of all of us that had been on the trip.
Susan is about to dive into the Ceviche.  She brought a tasty salad and a large "day of the dead" bread that unfortunately I did not get a picture of.
Laura doing what she likes to do best, drinking champagne.  Phoebe is tasting a tamale that Laura picked up at Chelo's in downtown Denver.  They are the best in town; moist masa and tender chunks of pork served with a picante green chili sauce.
Laura spent hours and hours putting together a fabulous DVD of her photos, my photos and others along with music and captions.  Dudley and Ronda are settling in on the sofa for the presentation.  After watching all the fun we had, we wanted to immediately go back to San Miguel that night.  Thanks laura for putting together such a wonderful evening.  I know there will be more reunion parties to follow.
 My next tour is June 6 - 13, 2011. I am sure we will have a few characters on that trip too and it will be another great adventure.

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  1. Robin leads the best tours and since she is such a fabulous character herself, that's who she attracts to accompany her on her tours---- other great characters. Great fun, delicious food and lots of shopping, touring and more........