Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Remy

This is Remy, Carter and Susan's Lakeland Terrier.  I have never known a dog to be so intuitive and eager to be part of the conversation. Her vocabulary is huge.  When I mention the word ball, she cocks her head to the side.  She was sitting on one of the equipale dining chairs just listening to us talk.  She does not miss a beat.  Mention someones name that she knows, she barks, and heads to the front door looking for them to come through the door.
I have never met a dog that likes to pose for photos as much as she does.  She literally stops, sits and looks right at you when you pull out a camera.
She loves to be bathed.  Does not like to smell bad, but then, who does.  She straddled the kitchen's double bowl sink as I lathered her up, scrubbed her and then rinsed her off.  Standing still and loving it the whole time.  I toweled her off and then took the hair dryer to her.  Once done, I have never seen her so excited.  She was jumping two feet off the floor and whirling around mid air.  If only I could get that excited when I get my hair done.


  1. Like your travel pics Robin. And Remy is so cute! Tom and I are part of the Gallery Izamal Coop here in San Miguel. If you get a chance you should get Britt Zaist to do some line drawings of Remy. Britt does expressive line drawings, working from your photos. Not sure if you've seen them or not but maybe an idea for Carter as a surprise.If you google the gallery I think there's more info there. The web master hasn't added us to the roster as yet. Manana maybe! Adios Donna