Monday, November 29, 2010

Fruition, a gem of restaurant in Denver

The other day we had dinner at Fruition in Denver, one of our favorite restaurants.  It is a small and cozy place that only seats 50.
Meet Paul Attardi who gracefully runs the front of the restaurant.  Alex Siedel is the creative force in the kitchen.  Paul had just returned from Spain and we were comparing stories of our dining experiences in Barcelona.  One of my all time favorites places.
For months and months we have been trying to get together with Marcia
and her husband, Colman.  So we met after work on a Thursday night.  I can not remember ever meeting someone for dinner so early, 5:30!  Fruition is so popular, that was the only time we could get in unless we wanted to dine at 8:30 which was too late for a weekday.
Len and Colman started with polenta topped with a squid that had been stuffed with a hand made sausage.
I started with a sublime, melt in your mouth Braised Veal Breast Saltimboca;  hand made casarecci pasta, prosciutto, braised veal, burrata cheese and sage veal jus.  Mmmmm.
This entree is one of my all time favorites;  Maple Leaf Farms duck breast, Carnali risotta, grilled arugula and smoked duck prosciutto with a red onion marmalade.
Tonight I had an entree that has just recently been added to the repertoire, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Confit.  The chicken is served on creme fraiche whipped potatoes, haricot verts, roasted carrots and button mushrooms.
What a great meal.
Bon Appetit.

Fruition Restaurant
1313 E. Sixth Ave.
(corner of Sixth and Marion Street)
Denver, CO

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