Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Time in Denver

Every year Len and I have a Christmas dinner get together with one of my best friends, Suzy and Fred.  It is not Christmas if Suzy does not have her big tree in the front of her house lit up.
Suzy is showing off her big red ball and the "cheers" cocktail glass.
After a cocktail and nibbling on some aged Gouda and horseradish Havarti, we sat down for dinner.  This Sous Cloche was one of Suzy's mother's favorites.  (I was lucky to get a set of these from Suzy's Mother's pantry.)  A thin piece of toast is topped with sauteed shallots, a little thyme and sliced mushrooms.  A little bit of dry sherry and cream is then poured over the mushrooms before going into the oven for about 30 minutes.
The aroma is just amazing when the glass dome is lifted off.
Suzy served a very festive salad with endive, bib lettuce and pomegranates.  I love pomegranates (granadas in Spanish) and I use them often in my guacamole when I am at my casa in San Miguel de Allende.  You can find my Autumn Guacamole recipe on my post dated, September 29.
Four our entree, Suzy served wild rice, roasted pencil thin asparagus and a grilled duck breast with a orange glaze.  It was interesting on how she prepared the duck.  Suzy put it on a very hot grill, skin side down.  Step back!!!  The flames were about two feet tall.  When the flames have subsided, flip the breast over and cook  for another minute.  Take off the grill and let rest.   Slice and plate.  How easy is that and no splattered grease all over your cooktop.
We went back into the living room for the yummy chocolate mousses and opened gifts.  I  can hardly wait until next year!

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