Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Small Bites at Cholon are great!

One of my favorite ways to dine is eating a myriad of "small bites" whether it is tapas in Barcelona, bocadillos in San Miguel de Allende or just a "snacky" dinner at home.
I went to Cholon in downtown Denver the other day and had an exceptional lunch of "small bites."  The decor is simple but elegant.  I love the drum chandeliers with the round links hanging in them.  Reminds me of my bright orange bakelite oval link necklace; very retro.
I was having my annual Christmas lunch with my friend Kathy.  This has been a tradition of ours for over thirty years.
 The row of Bamboo was decorated with a sprig of red berries for the holidays.
Our first course was calamari  that was deep fried in a very light batter accompanied with fried lemon basil and served with a alioli chili, sweet & sour sauce.
The pork belly pot stickers with the ginger mustard presented on a banana leaf were to die for.
The beef tartar served was chinese mustard and tapioca puffs was a refreshing change from the traditional version that usually has chopped onions, hard boiled eggs and capers.  The hand chopped beef had small pieces of fried garlic, wasabi and radish sprouts mixed in it.  Really, really nice!
And our waitress Kristin who was so cute and very helpfull in helping us decide on what to order.  It was a wonderful Christmas lunch.  I'll be back.

1555 Blake St.
Denver, Colorado

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  1. What..... no comments about that beautiful BABE in red?
    Time flies...but the party wrinkles last forever!!!!