Thursday, December 23, 2010

Denver Is All Lit Up

Last week Len and I drove around our Denver neighborhood in Hilltop looking at Christmas lights.  This home was so beautifully decorated in such a traditional way:  balls and ribbon adorning the swag of greens hanging on each door, lit little Conifers flanking the doors and the Christmas tree on display through the window.  It's right out of a Hallmark Channel movie.
The green cast of the lights on this home reminded me of icing on a ginger bread house.
There was every color of the rainbow lit up on this home.
This quaint little house looked like it should be at the end of a snowy little country lane.  To Grandmother's house we go.
Beautifully decorated.  Just the right amount of lights everywhere.
This is home to a client of mine (I have done interior design work for them over the past few years) and they always have their home so nicely lit up.  And different every year.
Talk about icicles hanging from the eaves!
On the east side of Sixth Avenue, just west of Monaco, this house is a treat to drive by with their huge wreaths.
But the house that I always look forward to driving by, at least a couple of time during the holidays, is at 10th and Holly.  It's like, Welcome to Candy Land at Christmas!  Santa on the roof, a train lit up next to the driveway, lolly pops, rain deer, you name, it's there.
This is a close-up of the flowers this house has lining the edge of the driveway and around the trees.  Just like the lights that come to life in San Miguel de Allende in the evening, Denver is pretty colorful too.  Don't you wish Christmas was year round!

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